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It's time to find true body acceptance

I believe that TRUE BODY IMAGE HEALING happens in the mind and heart....not on the scale. I invite you to have a look around at the programs I’m offering, and let's get started together!

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"With Vanessa's kind, gentle and compassionate guidance, learning to come back to listening to my body, without judgement or rules, has been a truly wonderful experience (although at times challenging! There are many years to unravel!)"

Student of BFF: Body Image Edition

BFF: Body Image Edition

This is a DEEPER body image dive that equips you to make changes long after the program ends. In this 12-week program, you learn about self-compassion, shame resilience, connecting to your deeper self and your values and learn radical self-acceptance and unconditional kindness for your body AT ANY SIZE. This truly is the program I wish I had in my own healing, and I would feel privileged to have you join us.

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BFF: Intuitive Eating Edition

Learn intuitive eating from 6 amazing experts in this online program! Intuitive eating is an evidence-based framework that has been shown to decrease negative self-talk, increase body satisfaction and decrease certain food behaviours, including binge eating. Start your journey towards less stress, MORE PEACE and more freedom with food!

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Curious Method Masterclass

In this one-hour workshop, I teach my C-U-R-I-O-U-S acronym that I believe are necessary parts of finding peace with food and our bodies.  I teach about the inner body critic, where this comes from and a 4-step process you can start implementing TODAY to shift from self-criticism to self-compassion. This lays the important foundation for further body image work and I would be honoured to have you join!

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3 Tips to Stress Less About Food

In this one hour masterclass, learn 3 ways to stress less about what you’re eating. These strategies address 3 of the biggest roadblocks I see people experiencing that stops them from feeling at peace with food. Heads up….this doesn’t include tricks to curb your appetite, foods to avoid, food rules or any other diet culture you may have learned elsewhere.

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Meet Vanessa

For me, self-compassion and curiosity are foundational to finding peace with food and your NOW body.

Girl, I’m sick of the world demanding that women shrink their bodies, take up less space and not be “too much”. I’m sick of a coaching space that offers these women superficial suggestions of maintaining a positive mindset, only displaying positive emotions and that healing is a linear, quick process. As a down-to-earth therapist of 15 years with lived experience with an eating disorder and body shame, I understand the complexities of healing and I'm ready to support you when you're ready!

"Having a group of women show up every week and be vulnerable and fierce and supportive is something I will always cherish. That safety net was everything for me, while I was trying to change years of beliefs and rules."

— BFF: Body Image Client

Roadmap to Managing the "Not Good Enough Voice"

This free resource will provide you 3 simple steps to shift the shame and start your journey toward body and food freedom.