BFF: Intuitive Eating Edition 

Start your journey towards less stress, more PEACE and more FREEDOM with food!

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If you’ve ever said:

-I’m tired of counting calories and macros

-I’m sick of thinking about food and my body all the time

-I feel out of control with food

-I eat when I’m not hungry or to manage my emotions

-I sometimes isolate myself due to stress about food and what I look like

-I’m tired of feeling like I’m constantly fighting my body

-I’m sick of yoyo dieting and losing/regaining weight

-I just want to be healthy

-I’m a perfectionist and/or people pleaser

-I’m too hard on myself

-I’m confused by what I’m supposed to be eating

-I want to feel freer and less stressed about food


If this sounds like you and you’re sick of spending so much time and energy worrying about food, your body and exercise, I want to help you find a different way! 

The last thing most women need is another diet or a new set of rules. I want to teach you (along with experts in the non-diet space) to:

-learn to trust yourself again

-get more in touch with your own inner wisdom 

-learn what suits your body best

-be kinder to your body and yourself

-find a way of eating that works for you

Learn intuitive eating from myself and other amazing experts in this 13 module self-paced online program.

Intuitive eating is an evidence-based framework that has shown to:

-decrease negative self-talk

-increase body satisfaction 

-decrease certain food behaviours including binge eating and emotional eating

-decrease cholesterol levels

-decrease blood pressure and increase physical activity

What's included:

  • 10 modules delivered by experts in the non-diet space breaking down each principle of the intuitive eating framework, including videos, workbooks and tools to help you make peace with food
  • 1 bonus module about self-compassion
  • 2 bonus modules- one teaching a self-coaching model that can be used to manage your thought patterns and one teaching you how to raise intuitive eaters (for those caring for children in their lives)
  • 3 monthly 90-minute intensive sessions (1:1) with me (with option to purchase more if desired), this will allow us to customise intuitive eating for you, integrate what you’re learning in each module and understand what deeper issues might rest beneath your food struggles

What others are saying

“I no longer wake up thinking all about food; what will I do about it or how will I control it”

“I stop eating when I’m not hungry (I’m learning I don’t have to clean my plate)”

“I’ve changed the way I eat and haven’t had a binge in a couple of months now”

BFF: Intuitive Eating Edition

Start your journey towards less stress, MORE PEACE and more freedom with food!

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